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Benefits of buying your next Tv or appliance from AllTvRepairs:

  • * Eligible for further discounts
  • * Provide technical recommendations not sales only
  • * Warranty Fully backed by local agent
  • * Able to assist you AFTER the purchase!

If you are still undecided read here.

Most people ask me for an advice whether the set is worth fixing or not. From experience I have learned that if you own quite an old TV set (especially CRT type), and lately you have already serviced it a couple of times then it is time to replace it! The Mean Time Between Failure MTBF for electronic devices is the expected time it will take for a device to get broken again. The more you repair the device, the shorter the MTBF will become.

This has sounded offending to some of my customers, mainly because they have forked out a fortune for their TV set. However as TV prices are continuously falling down, they will get a crisper TV and possibly larger TV for less than expected.

However if your set is in good condition and lately the picture was fine, then it is a good idea to get it repaired.

The next question comes naturally. What is the best TV to buy? Again depends mainly on the following :

  • Budget - How much are you willing to spend
  • Size - Depends on Room Size
  • Type Of Use - Normal TV viewing, Gaming or HD Movies
  • Connections to Peripherals - Connections required to Media players, NAS, DLNA etc

I have been selling Samsung and Panasonic LEDs and LCDs for the last couple of years and feel very confident about both brands being the market leaders in this field.

Second Hand TVs

Occassionaly I have some good quality TV sets for sale. I sell reliable TVs that I am confident enough that will last as much as possible. Normally I give 3 months as Guarantee on second hand items. All TVs are given a general service and any known weak components replaced.

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